Steel Rigid Ventilation Ducting & Accessories

Our Rigid Steel Ventilation Ducting and Accessories are designed to provide robust and durable airflow solutions for various applications, including industrial ventilation systems, commercial buildings, and HVAC systems. Here is important product information and specifications for our Rigid Steel Ventilation Ducting and Accessories
Ducting Material: Our rigid steel ventilation ducting is made from high-quality galvanized steel, known for its excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. The galvanized coating helps protect the ducting from rust and external environmental factors.
Ducting Types and Sizes: We offer a range of ducting types to suit different airflow requirements, including rectangular and round ducting. The sizes of our rigid steel ventilation ducting can vary from small dimensions for localized ventilation to larger dimensions for bulk airflow.

Ducting Accessories

We provide a comprehensive range of accessories to complement our rigid steel ventilation ducting systems, including:

Connectors and Flanges: These enable easy connection and disconnection of ducting sections, ensuring a secure and airtight fit.
Elbows and Bends: These components facilitate changes in duct direction, allowing for efficient routing and customization of the ducting system.
Dampers and Louvers: These accessories provide airflow control and regulation, enabling adjustments to match specific ventilation requirements.
Transitions and Reducers: These components help in connecting ducts of different sizes or transitioning between different ducting systems.
End Caps and Plenums: These accessories provide closure and connection points for the ducting system.
Construction and Strength: Our rigid steel ventilation ducting is designed with sturdy construction to withstand the rigors of industrial and commercial environments. It offers high structural integrity and can withstand high pressures and temperature differentials.
Fire Resistance and Safety Features: Rigid steel ventilation ducting can be provided with fire-resistant coatings or insulation to enhance fire safety. It can also be designed to meet specific fire ratings and standards for increased safety in hazardous environments.
Installation and Maintenance: Rigid steel ventilation ducting is typically installed using flanges, clamps, or welding methods for secure and airtight connections. It requires proper anchoring and support to ensure stability and optimal airflow. Regular inspection and maintenance help prolong its lifespan and ensure efficient system performance.
Compliance and Certification: Our rigid steel ventilation ducting and accessories comply with industry standards and regulations for ventilation systems. They undergo testing and quality control processes to ensure compliance with relevant national and international standards.

Please note that the specific product information and specifications may vary depending on the ducting type, size, accessories, and customization options.
For detailed information and technical specifications related to your specific requirements, we recommend contacting our sales team or referring to our product documentation.
For further assistance or to discuss your specific ventilation needs, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated team.

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Additional information

Standard Diameters:

• 760mm • 1015mm • 1220mm

Standard Lengths:

• 3m